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We're a small group of faithful believers in the village of Beauford, a short drive from Mankato in south-central Minnesota. We continue in our 125-year tradition of welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ to worship with us, including visitors and those looking for a place to call their home church. We practice open Communion, and as our Lord Jesus Christ bid the children to come unto him, we also welcome the young into our midst to worship and praise Him during our services. Our building is accessible to those in wheelchairs, with ample parking and no basement or upper rooms in our modern building. 

Walking the Walk

We are called to worship God, called to help one another, and called to spread the Good News. At Beauford, these things come naturally as we minister unto one another and live in a way that brings glory to His name.

Reaching Out

The Beauford congregation is mission-oriented, supporting the needy both locally and abroad in many outreach ministries. Commanded to help those in need and to help one another, we strive to aid all who need sustenance, whether physical or spiritual.

Following His Lead

Parishioners at Beauford United Methodist are currently being nurtured in their Christian journey.  


We invite you to visit us.


just fifteen minutes south of Mankato on Hwy 22


or six miles north of Mapleton


We hope to see you in church next Sunday


Or call directly if you are in need at: 507-822-0251


Click here for map


(507) 524-3383    beaufordumc@yahoo.com    15797 State Highway 22, Beauford, MN 56065


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